Creating a Website for CT 101

Thoughts and Opinions on creating a website for CT 101

The students of CT 101 was tasked with creating their own website with the objective of formatting it based off their interest. This was a new task for the class and entirely different from the beginning of the class which started out with the basics; creating memes and gifs and applying them to the blogs. 

Creating memes and gifs were a fun experience for the students and had gifted them the creative ability to make their own and use it for different circumstances. Majority of the students enjoyed the exercise and used this new-found ability within their blogs to create a much more engaging sight to look at. Starting off with memes, they tend to share similarities to aspects of Art in which they can display tone and mood with the use of a caption and the picture that fits alongside it. The students came up with creative and expressive memes and some have even expressed their gratitude for it. Even to the point of using it in their own time. For Gifs, students used an eye-catching video with expression they deemed usable for their assignment which made them add in a caption on the video involving the course. This was another assignment that students were happy for.

Students learned the basics within the course of CT 101, including hyper-linking, formatting, uploading media, and much more. Although hyper-linking is prominent within Colleges, it is rarely mentioned in Schools. This tool helps a person provide a link within words, photos or even videos. It is very helpful for the intention of presenting your work to the reader and they can see your sources by just clicking. Formatting is a tool everyone learns, but it makes the work much more organized and structured like the usage in CT-101. Uploading media is the tool that help function hyper-linking and it’s the tool that helps apply pictures to your blogs. It’s a great tool and one that brings out the personality in your blogs, plus it’s fascinating to look at. 

Creating websites is not on a lot of people’s minds when heading into college. However, it’s in the mind of the CT-101 students due to it being an assignment. Starting off with the domain names, some students were set on their names whereas others were struggling to either come up with one or picking one. Although the students struggled, the task was completed and they moved on to the major step in organizing the websites. The organization of the websites took weeks to be completed and it took time for students to get used to the functions. This did not stop the students of CT-101 to overcome the obstacle and present their creative sites to each other. Most of the students have acknowledged their happiness with what they produced and shared it amongst peers. Although another challenging, the students used their creativity to craft their art.

“Memes are not Art”

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